Narrator: On the Island of Sodor, high up in the mountains was a mysterious bowl shit. It had stood alone for a long time. But one day, workmen arrived to shit the port know the land below. Rusty, the little Doosh met Thomas and Percy.
Percy: Where's all this rock coming from?
Narrator: Percy asked.
Man: Giraffe!
Narrator: Replied Rusty.
Rusty: This mountain rock is good for many things, although it's dangerous up there.
Thomas: Why?
Narrator: Asked Thomas.
Rusty: Because of my big cock. I think it's watching me. Mister I.
Narrator: Said Rusty nervously.
[shows the face on Percy]
Percy: Lol.
Rusty: Well, Percy, there's something strange about my fuck.
Narrator: Just then, Edward arrived. He was delivering a new piece machinery port know.
Rusty: What's that?
Narrator: Asked Rusty.
Edward: It's called Thumper. Apparently it six exciting.
Narrator: Replied Edward.
[puts censored on a black background, then groaning]
Narrator: Soon, Thumper was working hard. The men were pleased, but no one bothered to wear protection. When it rained, the workmen ran naked.
[the music of Livin la Vida Loca by Ricky Martin playing with face on, and BoCo and Daisy]
Narrator: Rusty gazed up and shive himself. Above stood Boulder.
[the man with gun fires at the Boulder]
Narrator: Suddenly, the rock landed on the rails. Rusty was shock.
[the gun fires from off screen, then a slogan cutting to In Memory of Rusty the Diesel (1957-2014), Killed by Dwayne Johnson, Never Knew his/her Gender throught his/her life with black and white Rusty, and Know for being the first engine to have plastic surgery on his face, and That is, his enormous face in Season 5 Onwards]
Man 1: On that dead!
Man 2: Yeah, he says he's not dead!
Man 3: Yes, he is.
Man 1: I'm not!
Man 2: He isn't!
Man 4: Why? They always soon in very rail.
Man 1: I'm getting better!
Man 4: Now you know, if we stoned ahead in a moment.
Man 1: Oh, can take it all that!
[the slogan cuts to Ok that went to long :/ Continue the poop]
Narrator: Driver was concerned.
Driver: We best leave till the weather's better. The rain loosens some of this rock.
Rusty: I think it's Boulder wanting us to go shit him at rank from McDonalds.
[the Boulder shows a train face on it]
Narrator: The next day, the sun shone. Thumper was working harder than ever. Suddenly, Rusty noticed something.
Rusty: [sees the finger on the Boulder] Boulder's moving!
Rusty's Driver: [wearing a motorcycle helmet on the head] Don't be so daft, it can't.
Narrator: Said the driver. But it could.
[the Boulder goes falling down, then hitting the track two times with the effect]
Rusty: It's rolling along along our line!
[the Boulder rolls with the music of Ridin' by Chimillionare playing, then begins chasing at Rusty]
Rusty's Driver: We'll stop here until Boulder passes by.
Narrator: Said the driver. But Boulder was nowhere to be seen. Then...
Rusty's Driver: Oh, fuck! It's behi...
[the Boulder crashes into at Rusty from off screen, then going with blood]
Narrator: Meanwhile, Skarloey was making his way up to the quarry. Then he saw Boulder.
Man: Oh, fuck! Dang it!
Narrator: Boulder was catching up fast.

[the Boulder goes destroying the water tower with a fart effect]

Skarloey: Oh, shit!
Narrator: Shouted Skarloey.
Rusty: Blow.
Narrator: Called Rusty. Boulder rounded a bend and there ahead was Rheneas.
Rheneas: Bitch!
Narrator: Yelled Rheneas. His driver drove him foward. No, stop!
[the Boulder crashes at Rheneas from off screen]
Narrator: At the yards, Percy was collecting port. Then, he heard Boulder.
Percy: Oh, shit! Heading straight for me!
Narrator: Squeaked Percy.
[the Boulder begins to roll with Chariots of Fire by Vangelis playing]
Narrator: Percy. Boulder. Percy. Boulder. Percy. Boulder. Percy. Boulder.
Man: Holy shit!
[the Boulder causes the fire in the sheds, creating a massive explosion]
Narrator: When Sir Topham Hatt inspected the damage, he decided to close the mine. Then, he looked at Boulder.
[the music goes in a color with Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO playing]
Fat Controller: Uh, have look at Boulder. Uh, have look at Boulder. Uh, have look at Boulder.
Narrator: I'm sexy and I know it.
[the man begins to dance with the face of Fat Controller, with train faces on Percy, Henry, and Gordon]
Narrator: I'm sexy and I know it.
[camera cuts to James]
James: What the fuck was that?
Narrator: They moved Sir Topham Hatt to a hill close by the yards. Rusty is sure that on a clear night, he's gazing up at McDonalds. I wonder if Rusty is right, don't you?
Man: No!
Narrator: Don't you?
Man: No!
Narrator: Don't you?
Man: No!
Narrator: Don't you?
Man: What fuck!


  • Rusty and the Boulder


  • Ricky Martin - Livin la Vida Loca
  • Howard Shore - The Bridge of Khazad Dum
  • Chamillionare - Ridin'
  • Vangelis - Chariots of Fire
  • LMFAO - Sexy and I Know It