Jimmy Davis is a YouTube Pooper who posted his first YTP in October 2014. He has a post rate of 1.75, and is currently ranked 59 on TheTopTens.

Jimmy Davis is working on a major YTP project: The King's Nostalgia Trip, which has been delayed until further notice. Its estimated completion date is currently unknown, but will not be finished in 2017.

After posting EyeCarly Lubes Lubert in Double Detention, MasterJoJ has announced that he and Jimmy Davis plan to do another collaboration, but this time post it on Jimmy Davis' channel.

Jimmy Davis has announced that he wants to attempt a scripted movie review series, similar to JonTron and PeanutButterGamer.

On October 21, 2017, Jimmy Davis has hinted at creating an Emoji Movie YTP.

YouTube PoopsEdit

Name Link Rating Primary Source Date Notes
Junior's Traumatizing Home Invasion Experience G VeggieTales 10/28/14 First YTP
Kids React to Stupid Crap PG Kids React! 11/11/14 Considered by JimmyDavis to be his first true YTP
Judy & Schmidt PG Various 1/26/15 First YTP of 2015
Silly Songs with Darius PG - L VeggieTales 2/5/15 Completed in one day
Why Does Larry Have a Shoe on His Head PG VeggieTales 2/22/15 50 subscriber special; considered by JimmyDavis to be one of his worst YTPs
A Story About Some Grapes and Junk PG VeggieTales 3/8/15
Carnage the Dastardly Dog G Courage the Cowardly Dog 3/19/15 Entry to RyanYTP's 90s Collab
Madame Dude Berry & the Rareware Crackers PG - L VeggieTales 4/5/15 100 subscriber special
Good Mystical Mourning PG Rhett and Link 4/19/15 Entry to an unknown collab
This Poop's True Title is too Long For YouTube PG - L VeggieTales 5/31/15 200 subscriber special
LarryMan and the Friggin' Outer Space PG - L VeggieTales 6/29/15
Death By Chocolate Cake G Michael Rosen 7/22/15 Entry to Cayby J's 5 Second Michael Rosen Collab
Mike's Boring Brother and Other Outtakes RP Michael Rosen 7/23/15 Entry to Cayby J's YTP Collab; closed captioning available
VeggieFails RP VeggieTales 8/2/15 Entry to aXis' YTP Collab
Movie Night with the Princess RP Hotel Mario 9/2/15 1k subscriber special; first story-based YTP
Hank's Got a Lot of Beers No link RP King of the Hill 9/12/15 Original YTP taken down by FOX, reuploaded on 3/9/17
Mike is a Sadist RP Michael Rosen 9/28/15 Entry to Goop Videos' Vine Poop Collab
Luigi's Horrible Story RP Super Mario World TV Series 10/23/15 Entry to RyanYTP's 50 Minute YTP Collab; last YTP of first year
One Year of Sources RP Various 11/3/15 Part of this YTPMV used as intro for special YTPs; first YTP of second year
WeegeeTales RP VeggieTales 11/12/15 Entry to Jimmy Davis' own FruityStories  YTP Collab II
You Should Never Let Archibald Direct a Silly Song RP VeggieTales 11/30/15 Entry to KingNothing1 Ha's Silly Songs Collab
Zelda CD-i: Revisited RP LoZ CD-i Games 12/9/15 2k subscriber special; Jimmy Davis' most popular YTP
How FOX Reacts to Finding KotH YTPs RP Various 12/12/15
Christmas Eve in Hyrule RP LoZ CD-i Games 12/23/15 Christmas Special 2015; closed captioning available
I.M. Meen's Deteriorating Mental Stability RP I.M. Meen 1/21/16 3k subscriber special; First YTP of 2016
Full House Theme RP LoZ CD-i Games 1/27/16 Included in Jimmy Davis' YTP Zelda CD-i: Revisited
The Fine Bros. Trademark Reaction Videos RP Super Mario World TV Series 2/1/16
A Crucial PSA RP LoZ CD-i Games 3/1/16 Entry to KingNothing1 Ha's Revenge of the Vine YTP Collab
Shia's Poop Advice RP Shia LeBeouf 3/21/16
Sherlock Holmes is Barely in This Poop RP Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century 4/5/16 Entry to Paulette's and RyanYTP's Space Collab
Just Another Day at Foster's RP Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends 4/15/16 Entry to NPCarlsson's Five Nights at Fosters 2 Collab
Hoffy Da 'Splode-Man RP Hoffy1138's Channel 4/18/16 Entry to Jimmy Davis' own YouTube Pooper Collab
MoBros' Tutorial Tutorial RP MoBros' YouTube Poop Tutorial 4/18/16 Entry to Jimmy Davis' own YouTube Pooper Collab
Emporium A's Some Q's RP EmperorLemon's INTERROGATION: Your questions answered. 4/18/16 Entry to Jimmy Davis' own YouTube Pooper Collab
DaThings1st Channel Trailer RP DaThings1's Channer 4/18/16 Entry to Jimmy Davis' own YouTube Pooper Collab
MGM Lion Bloopers RP MGM Lion 4/26/16 Entry to Paperking99's MGM Lion Collab
My Non-Entry to the Michael Rosen 70th Birthday Collab RP Michael Rosen 5/1/16
Muppets are Bad Role Models RP Muppets: Treasure Island 5/11/16 Entry to RyanYTP's 90's Collab 2
The Poop of My Dreams RP LoZ CD-i Games 5/13/16 Based on an actual dream
Schoolhours Suck! RP School's Out Rock! 7/7/16 Entry to EmpLemon's Schoolhouse Rock Collab
Weird Albuquerque RP Albuquerque 7/23/16
Soflo the Worst RP Sofia the First 8/23/16 Entry to Lulu Luvscats' & Spingebill Nye's Sofia the First YTP Collab
PBG's Ping Pong Poop RP PeanutButterGamer 9/14/16 Round 2 of a YTP Tennis match with NPCarlsson
SproingBop Confronts the Strangler RP SpongeBob SquarePants 9/14/16 Featured within the above YTP
Rhenk & Litt Can't Justify Calling the Cops RP Link & Rhett 10/6/16 Entry to Jimmy Davis' own Single Source YTP Challenge
SpacedHipster Creeps Out Mario RP SpaceHamster 10/16/16 Last YTP of second year
The Mythbusters Discover the Penny RP Mythbusters 11/21/16 Entry to Keir Epton's 2nd Mythbusters YTP Collab; first YTP of third year
Abbott and Costello's $28 Christmas Special RP Abbot and Costello 12/25/16 Christmas Special 2016
Chadtronic Upset Over Parents RP Chadtronic 12/29/16 Entry to Unjustlocket's Chadtronic YTP Collab #2
The King's Nostalgia Trip (preview) RP LoZ CD-i Games 1/13/17 Entry to Mighteyes' Sourcey Stories collab; first YTP of 2017
Link: The Faces of Evil (Alternative Opening) RP LoZ CD-i Games 2/14/17
Hank's Got a Lot of Beers RP King of the Hill 3/9/17 Reupload of the YTP taken down by FOX
Link Pirates a Movie RP LoZ CD-i Games 3/31/17 April Fools Joke 2017; features "The King's Nostalgia Trip (preview)"
The Decayer App RP DK Rap 4/27/17 Filler YTP during production of The King's Nostalgia Trip and LarryMan Twice; considered to be the best filler YTP of all time
LarryMan Twice RP VeggieTales 5/29/17 10k subscriber special
Bustin' Out the Michael Rosen Rap RP Michael Rosen 6/9/17 Filler YTPMV during production of The King's Nostalgia Trip
SpingeBill Becomes a Shameless Sellout RP SpongeBob SquarePants 6/17/17
MyCarly 14 - D iCarly 8/22/17 Part of a collaboration with MasterJoJ
You're Not Welcome Here PG Moana 8/27/17 Entry to Yoshimaniac's Moana Collab
PBG Wanders Gamelon RP PeanutButterGamer 9/30/17 Round 4 of a YTP Tennis match with NPCarlsson


Name Link Overall Rating Announcement Date Deadline Date Publish Date Contributors
FruityStories YTP Collab II RP 7/31/15 10/31/15 11/12/15 aGuyThatLovesPooping
Chad Woods
Forgotten Onion Joel
Jimmy Davis
Joe Dak
Josh dahedgehog Productions
KingNothing1 Ha
Liam Taheny
Matthew Travous
Newest Nick
ScreenFranki 64
The Brony Scientist
YouTube Pooper Collab RP Unknown Unknown 4/18/16 aGuyThatLovesPooping
Entertainment Network
Jimmy Davis
Keir Epton
Lulu Luvscats
Onion Fragments
Schaffrillas Productions
Upbeat Guy kj
Washdod 2364
Single Source YTP Challenge RP Unknown Unknown 10/6/16 Joker 101
Cooper Sposito
Goop Videos
The Blast Zone Boy
¿qué pasa?
SuperPlumberBros Plush
Markkus Taylor
Purple Sabbath
a Creative Dude / IanYTP (Ian O'Keefe)
SwagPikachu 693
Cease Crismon
YouTube Poop Kitty
Entertainment Network
Zackzilla (Spazgoodwarthogma the Super VHS Advert Boy!)
OBSM Productions
Jimmy Davis
Brussels Sprouts Gaming
Toa Matoro
Brawling Kitty
Katherine Duncan
Jacob Turbo
Jack Duripper
KingNothing1 Ha
Sarcastic Pajamas
Oface Studioes
Weird Toast
The PsquawOsaurus
Mofix Productions
SCTF Entertainment
Lulu Luvscats


Guest Link Date
None 1/22/17
TheMasterPoop 5/15/17
Keir Epton 6/12/17

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Name Link Overall Rating Date
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