hoffy1138 is a YouTube Pooper who started making YTPs in 2011. He has a post rate of 0.84 as of the end of September 2017, and is currently ranked 24 on TheTopTens.

hoffy1138's fans have called him "The Michael Bay of YouTube Poops". His YouTube Poops contain many explosions and military aircraft. He is also known for his ten-part I. M. Meen Outtakes series.

YouTube PoopsEdit

Rating Guide
G PG PG+ 14 14+ MA RP
Name Link Rating Primary Source Date Notes
Link commits suicide G LoZ CD-i Games 4/7/11 First YTP
Gaston is a cannibal G Beauty and the Beast 4/7/11
The King's in a bad mood. PG LoZ CD-i Games 5/3/11
Billy May's Kaboom Puddy G Commercials 5/27/11
Robotnik bombs Ponyville G Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog / My Little Pony 7/11/11
I M Meen outtakes PG I. M. Meen 8/20/11 First in a series
F-14 Tomcatlenol G Unknown 9/10/11
Lefou stabs Gaston. PG Beauty and the Beast 9/16/11
Gaston likes Pokemon. RP Beauty and the Beast 2/11/12 First YTP of 2012
Gaston the aviator RP Beauty and the Beast 2/26/12
Silly SoS with Larry RP VeggieTales 3/25/12
Aladdin and the Stupid Princess RP Aladdin 3/25/12
My Little Critic, Friendship is Chuck Norris. RP My Little Pony 7/5/12 First YTP of second year
Twilight is an idiot... RP My Little Pony 7/7/12
Twilight is insane RP My Little Pony 8/11/12
Gaston has some fun. RP Beauty and the Beast 8/11/12
My Little Friend, Can your magical powers do this? RP My Little Pony 8/16/12
Trixie has a glitch RP My Little Pony 8/25/12
Turl the Dumb Psyclo is Overwrought RP Battlefield Earth 10/1/12
Bambi, and the Quest to Become Prince RP Bambi 10/28/12
Michael Rosen - The BOMB RP Michael Rosen 11/10/12
Children songs are violent! RP Various 12/23/12
Thomas the TANK RP Thomas & Friends 1/1/13 First YTP of 2013
HOFFY 1138's 100+ Subscriber Special RP Various 1/31/13 100 subscriber special
Barbie gets a brain. RP Barbie 3/17/13
PowderedPuff Girls RP PowerPuff Girls 5/27/13 First YTP of third year
Strange Things are Happening. RP Toy Story 6/2/13
Jiffy RP My Little Pony 6/5/13 Entry to an unknown collab
Spongeblob can't think of the title RP SpongeBob SquarePants 7/10/13
Hakunama poopa RP The Lion King 7/31/13
THAT AINT YOUR DINNER!!! RP LoZ CD-i Games 8/19/13 Entry to Lazlo319's CD-i Collab
I. M. Meme (I. M. Meen Outtakes 2) RP I. M. Meen 8/21/13
B-17 BAAALLLMERRR RP Commercials 9/16/13 Filler YTP during production of another project
Ballmer sells Windows to Ganon RP LoZ CD-i Games / Commercials 9/30/13
The Force is Broken RP Star Wars: A New Hope 10/8/13 4k subscriber special
The Master of Disgust. RP The Master of Disguise 10/31/13
The Dova King 1: Scar Wars RP The Lion King 11/22/13
Wand of Gamelon Alternate Ending. RP LoZ CD-i Games 11/22/13
My Little X-Wing, The Force is Magic RP My Little Pony 1/10/14 First YTP of 2014
BURN! RP LoZ CD-i Games 1/18/14
Pi Day π RP Various 3/14/14
Twil-E Coyote RP My Little Pony 3/21/14
Canterlot High hits a new low RP My Little Pony: Canterlot High 4/17/14 First YTP of fourth year
I. M. Meen Outtakes 3 RP I. M. Meen Outtakes 5/5/14
Michael's Mother's Day RP Michael Rosen 5/11/14
Foodfart! RP Foodfight! 8/12/14
I. M. Meen Outtakes 4 RP I. M. Meen 10/5/14
The Christmas Tree Of Doom. RP The Christmas Tree 12/23/14 Christmas Special 2014
Did you know that teeth? RP Dr. Rabbit 3/9/15 First YTP of 2015
I. M. Meen Outtakes 5 RP I. M. Meen 3/18/15
To Troll a Griffon RP My Little Pony 4/30/15 First YTP of fifth year
The Slender Meen Song. RP I. M. Meen 9/11/15
I. M. Meen Outtakes 6 RP I. M. Meen 10/5/15
Flossty the Slowman. RP Frosty the Snowman 12/23/15 Christmas Special 2015
I. M. Meen Outtakes 7 RP I. M. Meen 5/11/16 First YTP of 2016; first YTP of sixth year
Like a big cigar RP Unknown 7/9/16 Entry to Spingebill Nye's Black & White Collab
Fish is Best Pokémon RP Unknown 7/15/16 Round 2 of a YTP Tennis match with Lululuvscats
Princess Masters - Cedric Beat. RP Sofia the First 7/16/16 Entry to Lululuvscats' Sofia the First Collab
Not the RANCH! RP Unknown 7/29/16 Round 4 of a YTP Tennis match with Lululuvscats
I. M. Meen Outtakes 8 RP I. M. Meen 10/5/16
Michael Rosen and the Toffee Crisp Vampire RP Michael Rosen 10/31/16 Halloween Special 2016
Grandma And The Derp-Face Of Doom RP Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer 12/24/16 Christmas Special 2016
We Are Number One But It's Metal Masters - Metal Beat RP We Are Number One 1/11/17 First YTP of 2017
An A-10 Thunderbolt Destroys The Emoji Movie. RP The Emoji Movie 8/8/17
I. M. Meen Outtakes 9 RP I. M. Meen 9/1/17